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Bedjet 2 cools, heats beds to the rhythm of the night

As anyone who’s tried to get comfortable during a sticky summer heat wave or gelid winter frost knows, temperature is an important component of nighttime comfort. Indeed, we’ve already seen sleep monitoring projects that include monitoring temperature along with other factors such as noise and ambient light. But while these products can help you understand if the temperature is keeping you awake, they can’t do anything about it.

patent-claimedThat’s no obstacle for Bedjet v2, earlier versions of which have already seen Kickstarter success and Shark Tank failure. Designed by a former NASA engineer, Bedjet uses a noise-dampened blower to adjust the temperature during the nightly horizontal excursion. The result is, to quote the campaign, a “magical event in your bedding.” Stealing a page from the Select Comfort air mattress (the Sleep Number guys), it can service each side of a bed independently to match personal preference.

Sleep Travel

Sleeploop keeps your head up while napping, may not do same for dignity

Sleeping on the go is rarely comfortable in part because seats tend to make it difficult to keep one’s head from dipping forward. Many travel pillows have sought to make things better, but they;re often bulky and ineffective.

The SleepLoop uses a simple design to help sleepers who are sitting down and avoid that uncomfortable head roll – a literal pain the neck. The product features a padded section that serves as a pillow, and a long section to create tension. The padded loop cradles the chin and one ear. Then, the tail section threads [iunder the legs and pulled until comfortable. This allows the head to relax without rolling forward. At $28, the Sleeploop is fairly affordable. The campaign’s seeks $16,738 by June 23, 2015, with delivery expected September 2015.

The fairly compact Sleeploop could work well for travel but looks as silly as other options for travel. Aside from travelers, the Sleeploop could provide comfort for people required to sleep upright for various medical reasons.


Bye Bye Bubba can help tame toddler tantrums

Every parent appreciates pacifiers. After all, it’s the ultimate tool for stopping the screeching sounds of a crying baby. This all works great until a baby becomes a toddler and it’s time to wean him or her off of the pacifier.

Bye Bye Bubba was invented to sooth the squealing and shrieking that often accompanies this sometimes challenging transition. Comfort from a pacifier comes from the sucking motion, so the Bye Bye Bubba gadget works in three distinct stages. Each stage includes a pacifier with a shorter nipple, making it more difficult for toddlers to get any satisfaction from their pacifier, which is then supposed to lead to them kicking the habit.

It’s questionable as to whether this product can truly persuade toddlers to put down their pacifiers because there are days when it’s easier to negotiate with a terrorist than a toddler. Nevertheless, it may be worth checking into further. Other items that may help parents sneakily modify their kids behavior include GeoBunnies and WetHeads. This campaign seeks to raise $98,730 by April 30, 2015. Early bird backers get one three piece set for $15 with an expected delivery of October 2015.


Airport Armchair offers inflated pillow care for head and neck comfort

Those long trips on planes, trains and busses can be highly uncomfortable and rob a person of their sleep. But bringing a pillow is usually too bulky – unless it is inflatable.

Airport Armchair easily stores in a pocket or carry on bag when it is deflated. This air pillow is multifunctional in that it can be used for a neck or lower back for comfort. When used with the neck, it straps under the legs so that it stays in place during use.

It’s not entirely clear what it’s made of or how well it would do if thrown in the washer for cleaning. It’s also curious that it is called an armchair when it cannot offer simultaneous head, neck, arm and back support. This is another in a long line of products that aim to make long trips a little more comfortable. Backers may also want to check out the Winks, Forward Face Front Pillow, and Ostrich Pillow campaigns. This campaign seeks to raise $50,000 AUD (~$41,600 USD). For $10 AUD (~$8 USD) backers get one Airport Armchair with an expected delivery of December 2015.

Health and Wellness

Movi wheelchair gives its users a lift

The wheelchair is meant to keep people struggling with sickness or injury from being completely immobile. Yet for all the good the wheelchair does, its design has remained unchanged for decades, and it is certainly not the picture of comfort.

Movi Medical has developed two new kinds of wheelchairs designed to be a comfortable sitting surface as well as a mobility solution for those that need it. With a host of ergonomic improvements, the Movi Transport Chairs are easier on the patient and anyone responsible for helping the patient move, from hospital staff to friends and family. The curving shape of the Movi seat is easier on the spine, and the improvements made to the footrests make standing up out of the chair not only easier, but less hazardous. The chair leans up and forward, putting the footrests flat onto the floor, making it easy to step off and out of the Movi.

The Movi M2, a slightly more deluxe chair, features padded armrests, storage compartments on the sides of the wheelchair, and an adjustable headrest designed to create an experience that is just as much about comfort as it is mobility. Movi Medical has partnerships lined up with hospitals and medical companies already, but is looking for $50,000 in orders to show an interest in home buyers for their products. The base M1 Movi chair costs $2,395 and will be delivered by the end of the year.

When one first looks at a Movi Transport Chair, it’s actually a little insulting that the base design of wheelchairs has gone unchanged for so long. Movi chairs emphasize patient comfort as much as their ability to get around, and anyone who has had to sit in a wheelchair for even a couple of hours can appreciate that. It’s a niche buyer’s market, but it’s a product worth supporting.