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JetComfy props up your head through the long flight

Airplanes may be the places people spend the most time trying to sleep in a seated position. To make matters worse, passengers are usually jostled due to turbulence. This poses the double challenge of trying to achieve comfort while keeping the head steady when it tends to droop.

The JetComfy is the latest in a line of flight sleep aids — many of them fairly awkwardlooking — that seek to provide head comfort to the weary traveler. While many of these pillows steady the head by surrounding the neck, the JetComfy takes a unique approach by including a telescoping arm that attaches to the airline seat. This props up the memory foam pillow part of the device up to head level.

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Sleeploop keeps your head up while napping, may not do same for dignity

Sleeping on the go is rarely comfortable in part because seats tend to make it difficult to keep one’s head from dipping forward. Many travel pillows have sought to make things better, but they;re often bulky and ineffective.

The SleepLoop uses a simple design to help sleepers who are sitting down and avoid that uncomfortable head roll – a literal pain the neck. The product features a padded section that serves as a pillow, and a long section to create tension. The padded loop cradles the chin and one ear. Then, the tail section threads [iunder the legs and pulled until comfortable. This allows the head to relax without rolling forward. At $28, the Sleeploop is fairly affordable. The campaign’s seeks $16,738 by June 23, 2015, with delivery expected September 2015.

The fairly compact Sleeploop could work well for travel but looks as silly as other options for travel. Aside from travelers, the Sleeploop could provide comfort for people required to sleep upright for various medical reasons.

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Winks is one of the least awkward airplane sleeping aids

Even if one can get past the noise, sleeping on a plane can be nearly impossible because of the awkward positioning of the seats. The 40 Winks travel pillow aims to change that. This unique design supports a person’s head by using opposing pull from the user’s own body in order to offer optimum support and comfort for the head from either side or from behind.

The pillow must have proper pressure distribution in order to work effectively, which means that the arms of the pillow must be wrapped wide and flat around the user’s body so that pressure is evenly distributed over a broad surface. This provides that necessary counter balance action and a nice way to get some much-needed rest while traveling. For those interested in checking out other travel sleep aid ideas, Forward Front Face Pillow Cushion, BoosterPalz, JQ Headrest, and Sky Tent may be of interest. For $29, early bird backers get one pillow with an expected delivery of February 2015.


SeatSnoozer holds heads still to help nodding off in planes

SeatSnoozerMost people will admit that trying to sleep on a plane is nearly impossible. The creators of SeatSnoozer were no exception. So after a particularly bad flight and during the course of several beers at the bar, they began working on a solution. It says something that this is actually one of the less ridiculous looking plane sleep aids we’ve seen. Plus, it can be used with headphones. Plane engines (and sometimes the cabin) are noisy. So listening to music can be relaxing, help a person to fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer. At an early bird special of $23 plus a bit if your dignity, it will likely be a worthwhile investment for those who travel frequently. Expected delivery is October 2014.


Pillo-Guard turns your child’s head into a backseat Pong ball

Pillo_Guard  0119f3e5ec2c1cddbcfa4a8b5b25a6d7_large[1]Maybe it’s the fact that they have to sit still and be somewhat restrained by a seatbelt, but it seems that if kids are going to nap, that the car is typically the easiest place for it to happen. The only problem is that the often end up slumped over in some odd (but also sometimes funny) position that doesn’t look the least bit comfortable to an adult. Pillo-Guard aims to make those road trips more comfy. A string on each side of the plush device is tied behind the headrest for what looks like quick and easy installing although it does appear as if it can interfere with the seat belt. Additional pillows are available if more neck cushioning is needed. The product works for both kids and adults.There are less cumbersome alternatives, at least for smaller kids For $30, backers get the early bird special of one Pillo-Guard with an expected delivery of July 2014.

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BoosterPalz provides backseat plush comfort for the wee ones

The Premise. Aahhh, yes, the togetherness and memories of family vacations.  And as any experienced road warrior parent knows, the best time to do a road trip with the kids is going to be early evening and into late at night whenever possible. This, of course, significantly reduces the frequency of questions like, “Are we there yet?’ And comments such as, “He’s touching me!” To which she responds, “Well, he keeps flinging his leg (or arm) over to my side!” When they finally fall asleep, it’s generally in the most uncomfortable (but funny) position imaginable.

The Product. So in an effort to make everyone more comfortable, BoosterPalz presents travel pillows for the kids. Your choice of Spotz the Dog, Alli the Cat, or KoKo the Monkey is sure to keep the necks of your little tigers and tigresses from getting cricks in them, while also providing cushioning for their heads when you hit those speed bumps on highway changes. They’ll be kept fast asleep and you will be able to maintain your travel sanity within your vehicle’s walls. The magnetic paws of BoosterPalz allows kids to retain their do-it-myself independence if they choose to attach it to a seat. A convenient front pocket is the perfect storage place for toys, games and snacks, which begs the question: but is it washable? Unfortunately, this excellent question is not clearly answered, but one would hope that the creators of the product considered this since it was their kids who inspired the product.

The Pitch. The video for the $15,000 campaign is rather lengthy in its detail about the pillows, and appears to be something of a family affair, complete with pictures of the kids and a little voiceover input from them here and there. Nevertheless, it clearly explains the product. It’s actually quite amazing how much they were able to find to say about travel pillows for kids. The travel buddies also come in multiple colors, depending on which snuggle critter your child chooses.

The Perks. There are 17 tiers from which backers may choose. The $40 early bird special offers backers their choice of BoosterPal, a water bottle, and includes shipping anywhere in the US. Higher tiers offer more travel critters. Estimated delivery is May 2014.

The Potential. BoosterPalz will most likely be the most beneficial for kids who have outgrown their first car seat and may even appeal to tweens and younger teenagers, depending on their maturity level. There are multiple types of travel pillows for kids available for purchase, though the design and storage pocket set the BoosterPalz apart.