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JetComfy props up your head through the long flight

Airplanes may be the places people spend the most time trying to sleep in a seated position. To make matters worse, passengers are usually jostled due to turbulence. This poses the double challenge of trying to achieve comfort while keeping the head steady when it tends to droop.

The JetComfy is the latest in a line of flight sleep aids — many of them fairly awkwardlooking — that seek to provide head comfort to the weary traveler. While many of these pillows steady the head by surrounding the neck, the JetComfy takes a unique approach by including a telescoping arm that attaches to the airline seat. This props up the memory foam pillow part of the device up to head level.

The brick-like (shape not texture) design takes up less room than one of those u-pillows popularly sold in airport terminal shops and the product includes a strap to attach to luggage securely. A JetComfy is $49 and should be delivered in April 2016. The campaign owners seek $100,000 by October 9rh. The product is available with a number of different colored covers that can be removed and washed. A higher-end model for $20 more also houses power packs to charge phones.

It’s tough to determine whether JetComfy is more comfy than other travel pillows but the adjustability provides some hope while the claim that its pole will keep one’s head from falling onto a rowmate seat seems credible. Sleep-deprived frequent flyers will likely be willing to give anything new a shot.

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