Pillo-Guard turns your child’s head into a backseat Pong ball

Pillo_Guard  0119f3e5ec2c1cddbcfa4a8b5b25a6d7_large[1]Maybe it’s the fact that they have to sit still and be somewhat restrained by a seatbelt, but it seems that if kids are going to nap, that the car is typically the easiest place for it to happen. The only problem is that the often end up slumped over in some odd (but also sometimes funny) position that doesn’t look the least bit comfortable to an adult. Pillo-Guard aims to make those road trips more comfy. A string on each side of the plush device is tied behind the headrest for what looks like quick and easy installing although it does appear as if it can interfere with the seat belt. Additional pillows are available if more neck cushioning is needed. The product works for both kids and adults.There are less cumbersome alternatives, at least for smaller kids For $30, backers get the early bird special of one Pillo-Guard with an expected delivery of July 2014.

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