Airport Armchair offers inflated pillow care for head and neck comfort

Those long trips on planes, trains and busses can be highly uncomfortable and rob a person of their sleep. But bringing a pillow is usually too bulky – unless it is inflatable.

Airport Armchair easily stores in a pocket or carry on bag when it is deflated. This air pillow is multifunctional in that it can be used for a neck or lower back for comfort. When used with the neck, it straps under the legs so that it stays in place during use.

It’s not entirely clear what it’s made of or how well it would do if thrown in the washer for cleaning. It’s also curious that it is called an armchair when it cannot offer simultaneous head, neck, arm and back support. This is another in a long line of products that aim to make long trips a little more comfortable. Backers may also want to check out the Winks, Forward Face Front Pillow, and Ostrich Pillow campaigns. This campaign seeks to raise $50,000 AUD (~$41,600 USD). For $10 AUD (~$8 USD) backers get one Airport Armchair with an expected delivery of December 2015.


Soccer fans will get a kick out of Futchi Net soccer goal that spits balls back

Soccer is arguably one of the most popular sports in the world. To improve their skills, players must usually find a team to help them better their game.

Futchi Net is a soccer training tool that doesn’t require a team to use. This taut net ties in between two trees, poles or any other secure post. Kick the ball to the net and get ready for it to come right back out at you. This is sort of like any golf putting tool that spits the ball back out. Futchi Net is also a game for two players with a soccer ball. Much like squash, one player kicks the ball to the net and the other person must kick it back when it gets to them.

Futchi Net looks like fun and good if you’re trying to hone your soccer game. It’s a little inconvenient that the net requires trees or other such things to get it to stay up. Still, for children and adults who like playing soccer the net and game that comes with it will surely provide entertainment. One will cost backers $225 for estimated delivery in April 2015, provided it can reach its $20,000 Kickstarter goal.


FIDO is a patch of turf for your dog to do its business indoors

The Premise. Dog owners know that part of having a pooch entails taking them for several walks daily so that they can do their business. Those up north have trouble with this when the snow and ice settle in for almost half of the year. For dogs that are unwilling to brave the cold, most opt to use smelly, gross pee pads in their house for their pets to go on. 

The Product. FIDO stands for the Fully Integrated Dog Omni-Trainer. It is basically a pee pad on steroids. This product features a large grassy square of turf that dogs can “go” on. Underneath the grass there are several other layers designed to guide all the “ick” onto a pee pad below. It comes with drawers that hold the replacement pee pads, the current pad as well as scent strips to cut down on nasty odor. An added treat dispenser helps to reward and train dogs with the FIDO even includes the option for a prerecorded message from the owner. Can smartphone notification be far behind?

The Pitch. The campaign video shows the sibling creators of FIDO taking about how their elderly parents who live in the cold inspired their product. It also shows dogs actually using the product with ease. The rest of the campaign goes into their long prototyping process and details each attachment of FIDO separately. This product hopes to raise $30,000 in a 45-day Kickstarter campaign.

The Perks. FIDO itself will cost backers a donation of $50 with delivery expected in November 2014. Lower reward tiers offer a medication for dogs with hip and joint issues. Reward levels go all the way up to $1,000.

The Potential. FIDO seems like well-considered approach to get your dog to pee inside. The campaign doesn’t say much about number two, but for number one, FIDO is the way to go. Regular old pee pads are kind of disgusting and smelly. Other products in this arena that also feature turf, like the aptly named Tinkle Turf, are extremely messy and collect the urine in a large, sloshy tray making it difficult to clean up. All in all, FIDO gives dogs and owners alike the chance to remain indoors when the snow and ice are too much to bear, or pee on.


ME Model Railway System expands Lego train options

Me Models Railway SystemToy train sets have been a favorite for kids and future engineers for many years. Lego has their own version of the toy train set for a long time, but has a few limitations. The ME Model Railway System has taken the Lego model and expanded upon it, offering a more versatile range of rail shapes and sizes. With this freedom, kids are able to create more elaborate rail systems than they could before. Backers can enjoy a sampling of the different pieces in this set for only $12 with an estimated delivery date of September 2014. ME Models needs to raise $79,000 in a 30-day Kickstarter campaign.