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Bedjet 2 cools, heats beds to the rhythm of the night

As anyone who’s tried to get comfortable during a sticky summer heat wave or gelid winter frost knows, temperature is an important component of nighttime comfort. Indeed, we’ve already seen sleep monitoring projects that include monitoring temperature along with other factors such as noise and ambient light. But while these products can help you understand if the temperature is keeping you awake, they can’t do anything about it.

patent-claimedThat’s no obstacle for Bedjet v2, earlier versions of which have already seen Kickstarter success and Shark Tank failure. Designed by a former NASA engineer, Bedjet uses a noise-dampened blower to adjust the temperature during the nightly horizontal excursion. The result is, to quote the campaign, a “magical event in your bedding.” Stealing a page from the Select Comfort air mattress (the Sleep Number guys), it can service each side of a bed independently to match personal preference.

The $499 original Bedjet that’s already on Amazon has a companion app for setting the desired temperature. but Version 2 can dynamically adjust temperature throughout the night to help slumberers achieve their ideal core body temperature and help their Circadian rhythm. Bedjet cites two government studies to help keep this benefit credible. In any case, it’s not the only recent Kickstarter project concerned with measuring core body temperature. Note that Bedjet claims that it’s no substitute for an air conditioner and that it works best in temperatures of less than 78° F.

To trip the night fantastic, Bedjet has set a goal of $24,000 in a campaign that’s slated to end on September 16th. The Bedget v.2 can be obtained at $249 (with a $199 early bird), which is about half the price of the original with rewards due in December. And since the company is already shipping the core product, this seems like one of the less riskier campaigns.

Like many app-connected products, the Bedjet just seems to add convenience to what people have found many other ways to do over the years, in this case, turning on a $20 fan or space heater. But the company points to high Amazon ratings as evidence of high customer satisfaction. If its new iteration can drive sleep quality as well as comfort, then it could elevate its status from the trivial to the therapeutic.

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