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CamBuddy Pro controls your camera from smartphones, tablets

Smart controllers that allow photographers to operate their cameras via smartphone have become much in-demand, especially for interchangeable lens cameras (ILCs). That’s largely because they allow people to control the main features of those typically bulky cameras right from the palm of the user’s hand.

CamBuddy Pro is a Wi-Fi-enabled smart controller for ILCs that offers live-view, time-lapse and four built-in triggering sensors. It works in conjunction with a free Joopic app for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, and works up to 100 feet away from the camera. CamBuddy Pro starts shipping in December. Future pricing is $149. But Kickstarter backers have been able to order one for a pledge starting at $89 for early birds. Its makers are out to raise $30,000 by Nov. 13.

There have been many camera controllers before CamBuddy Pro, including the Unleashed Bluetooth module, also for ILCs. But what separates CamBuddy Pro from at least some rivals is its abundance of features. It has the ability control up to 128 cameras to create “Matrix”-like bullet time footage. Through its  intervalometer function, users can create time-lapse photography on a smartphone easily. Users can also set the number of shots and delay time.

One of the few potential obstacles for some consumers may be lack of compatibility with the mobile devices and cameras they have. The Joopic app supports iPhones and iPads using iOS 8.0 and higher, as well as Android mobile devices using Android 4.3 and above. Cameras providing full support are Canon EOS models and several Nikon models. But CamBuddy Pro’s makers say that almost all modern non-single-lens-reflex cameras — including mirrorless or general digital cameras from Sony, Nikon, Olympus, Samsung, Panasonic and Fuji — are partially supported.

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