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The LyfieEye tosses Android users a bone in 360°

While the technology industry pivots toward more immersive experiences, the ways in which users can actually create this content are limited. And those that are available can be prohibitively expensive.

The LyfieEye is a spherically-shaped 360° camera designed with Android phones in mind. It takes HD quality photos and can record videos of up to 30fps with its pair of dual cameras, each of which takes a 180° video. The camera’s proprietary system then stitches the two videos together in real time for the final product, which can then be shared on Facebook, Youtube or to a virtual reality headset and consumed that way.

One of the more notable aspects of the LyfieEye is how users can preview photos and videos right from the smartphone’s screen, a luxury similar cameras don’t usually have. $119 or more gets backers a LyfieEye by November 2016 if its Kickstarter campaign is able to raise $25,000 by November 12th, 2016.

While the LyfieEye’s form factor can be seen as more attractive to potential buyers than something like the Nico360, the fact remains that the former pales in one-to-one comparisons to products like the latter. Products like the Nico360 boast live streaming 360° video capabilities along with better quality recording along with connectivity to multiple platforms, making the LyfieEye a bit outdated even before it’s out the door.

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