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CosmoKey keeps your data safe with two-factor authentication

The Premise. Security is a massive concern with cyber-attacks on the rise and more and more logins and passwords required by every application and site out there.

The Product. The CosmoKey provides safe, secure two-factor authorization through the CosmoKey app which allows users to login to any of their favorite sites and then press the button on the palm-sized hardware token to authenticate their credentials in a way that keyloggers or other malware can not penetrate.

The Pitch. The introductory video for the CosmoKey doesn’t do the best job of explaining exactly how the hardware side of the CosmoKey works or how one sets up the device. The campaign page does a little better explaining the process with which one uses a CosmoKey and where it might come in handy, but still leaves some details cloudy. CosmoKey Ltd. has set £25,000 as their fundraising goal to complete testing of the hardware token and make the device even more secure. Stretch goals are in place to make the API completely open once funding is reached and another unlocking the CosmoKey Vault which will provide correct logins for any stored site at £100,000.

The Perks. A £50 pledge gives users access to the CosmoKey app for either iOS or Android with 2 years of paid service starting in September. The authenticator token hardware is available at the £150 level, and will be sent out to backers in November of this year. The Maker’s Edition comes out early (in August) with the most recently available version and grants access to the API to enhance the functionality of the device, with 1 year of service included. For those that want to make CosmoKey a part of their business server security, the VPN server with one hardware token is available with a year of remote service for £1,000.

The Potential. Two-factor authentication is a great way to be more safe, but a device like this just complicates matters further. Picture a situation in which the CosmoKey is lost or left at home: now the user is locked out from accessing any site they need to get into that they’ve set up through the device. With other forms of biometric scanners becoming more readily available, having a portable device that needs to be brought along with any computer, tablet, or phone just makes the whole process much more cumbersome than it needs to be, even in matters of protecting and securing data. It’s a good idea, just poorly executed.

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