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Cronzy is a pen that lets you write with a rainbow

Several years ago, at least some of us thought it was a major achievement when manufacturers introduced pens that could write in more than just blue or black ink. They were a dream come true especially for kids, artists and teachers who no longer needed to carry around separate pens for writing and correcting mistakes on their students’ tests, term papers and homework.

Cronzy is a pen that goes many steps further than most multi-color pens because it can write in pretty much any color that any user would want and can even match scanned colors also. The pen is capable of writing in more than 16 million colors, its makers say. Its main mechanism is based on solenoid valves like those used in various other devices and the pen features a special algorithm for mixing colors.

It works in conjunction with an app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices that allows users to select a desired color and shade, save frequently used and favorite scanned colors, and share interesting colors with other users.

The Cronzy pen ships in silver and black versions at future pricing of $299, each with a charging case, five interchangeable tips of different sizes, two sets of cartridges with ink, and a capacitive lithium polymer (Li-Po) battery that makes it possible to use Cronzy for a few days in between charging. But Indiegogo backers can get one for a $219 pledge. The ship date isn’t provided by its makers, who hope to raise $200,000 by Sept. 25.

There is a huge potential market of all ages for Cronzy. But it’s not the first pen of its kind, following the very similar (and cheaper) Scribble. Among the few negatives are that it’s not clear exactly how long each Cronzy ink cartridge will last or how much it will cost to buy replacement cartridges.




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