Aquatics Chargers/Batteries

Estream uses running water to keep your devices running

Reconnecting with the great outdoors is a wonderful thing, but sharing those experiences with family and friends makes it even more memorable.┬áBut keeping the devices used to document these adventures can be pretty difficult without access to electricity. That’s why Enomad developed its Estream portable hydroelectric generator.

Small and compact enough for a backpack, the Estream sports a modular design that lets users easily ready it for power generation. Users need only to snap off its cover, unfold its turbines and lock them, hook it in with its base, then throw into the water. There, a run ning current will spin its turbines, powering the 6400 mAh battery in its base. It fully charges in 4.5 hours even in slower currents, enough to charge three smartphones, tablets, and GoPros twice as fast as an outlet. It can even be used as a lantern both above and below water whenever the need arises. Each Estream can be had for $220 and is slated to be delivered by March 2017. Its Kickstarter campaign is looking for $80,000 by September 12th, 2016.

As time goes on, there will be an increase in sustainable energy solutions, especially for outdoor life. While spending five hours to charge a device kind of defeats the purpose of experiencing the great outdoors in the first place, something like Estream can prove useful for other sorts of devices, like USB stoves for instance. Combine Estream with something like the WakaWaka to always ensure preparedness.

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