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CycloShield passive security system helps avoid road dangers

While cycling is a more engaging, more environmentally-friendly and healthier alternative to driving everywhere, the unfortunate truth is that cyclists are a vulnerable lot. With nothing to protect them from accidents, they’re at a much higher rate of injury or death, a huge, underserved issue the CycloShield addresses.

For cyclists who either commute or engage in the sport, the CycloShield passive security system is the way for a drastically safer experience. By attaching it to a bicycle’s seat bar, a set of sensors autonomously detect the approach or threat of a vehicle and audibly alarms riders of the impending danger. In the event of an accident, it not only sends an SOS message to both an emergency contact and to emergency services but also films offenders with a 5 MP camera — extremely useful in dealing with resulting legal battles more swiftly.

When it’s helping protect cyclists for terrible drivers, the CycloShield can record riding sessions and work with activity monitors already on the market to add a training component to a commute, for instance. A CycloShield is going for about $480 and is slated to be delivered by May 2017 should the Kickstarter campaign raise about $665,000 by July 22nd, 2016.

The CycloShield is a long-overdue device for cyclists everywhere that will work wonders on cutting down the success rate of those heartless drivers who hit cyclists and run, along with more easily prosecuting those in the wrong in other minor incidents. One of its other biggest positives is how it makes products like the BEST e-bike conversion kit more appealing because of the increase in safety.

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