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OneCare Dori helps the elderly remember to take their pills

Dory is the famous fish who suffers from memory loss in two funny Disney Pixar movies. But, in real life, there’s nothing funny about memory loss –- especially when it comes to the elderly forgetting to take their medications to keep them healthy.

OneCare Dori is a device that works in conjunction with an Android and iOS app to remind elderly people when it’s time to take their pills and do other important things. It also provides real-time alerts to their families and other caregivers. The basic service allows caregivers to use the app to schedule reminders in an interactive voice call format that the elderly person can either receive via a landline or mobile phone call. Caregivers can also monitor in real time the status of each reminder, as well as the answers given by the elderly person to each reminder.


XSmart sensors are also in development to be used in conjunction with the app to track when normal routines are being followed or not. They include an eSmart electric sensor that can, for example, track when an elderly person in question is making breakfast, and an mSmart sensor for pill boxes. If the elderly person has not made breakfast by a specific time, Dori can be set to send that person a call to remind them to make breakfast and take their medicine. An xSmart Hub, meanwhile, handles communication between the xSmart sensors and Dori base, and is controlled via Wi-Fi.

OneCare Dori ships in September. Future pricing of the devices and service aren’t provided. But Indiegogo backers have been able to get the base unit for a pledge starting at about $21, the eSmart sensor for a pledge of about $55, the mSmart sensor for a pledge of about $66, and the xSmart Hub for a pledge of about $110. Its makers hope to raise about $16,700 by July 7.

There is obviously a clear need for a device such as this. But there are many other similar products already available, including the Liif/Pillbox, and at least some of those other devices seem less complicated. But the landline functionality and sensors do seem to give Dori an edge over at least some rival products.

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