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EyeForcer forces your kids to have better posture while using mobile devices

Kids are spending an awful lot of time sitting in front of smartphones and tablets playing games and surfing the Internet. But all that slouching they are doing can result in terrible posture that leads to medical problems down the road.

patent-claimedEyeForcer is a patent-pending wearable piece of eyewear with an accompanying app that monitors kids while they are using smartphones and tablets, and encourages them to have better posture. It penalizes bad posture by reducing the amount of time that kids using it can spend using mobile devices. EyeForcer ships in November at future pricing of about $65. But Kickstarter backers can get one for a pledge of about $93. Its makers are trying to raise $154,580 by July 6.

Many parents with kids who use mobile devices regularly may be open to a device that can make sure their children are not slouching too much over their mobile devices –- especially if they hear that such posture can lead to medical problems in the future. There have been several other devices that have tried to teach people to have better posture, including Upright, a small device that attaches to the user’s lower back and vibrates when posture is poor.

But it’s questionable whether a device that relies on wearing special glasses is the best way to achieve that worthy goal. Many kids are likely open to wearing eyewear for entertainment viewing because of how open many of them are to watching 3D kids films. But it’s not clear exactly how comfortable EyeForcer is to wear. The biggest issue, however, may be that while it’s fully functional on Android devices, it’s not fully functional on iOS devices.

Its app can send push notifications to Apple devices to warn users about poor posture. But that’s not quite the same thing as the elaborate, integrated system used for Android mobile devices. EyeForcer’s makers are, however, working on other unspecified “mechanisms” for iOS devices.

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