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BioRing tracks your biology for a better body

The hectic pace of the modern world is leaving more people stressed, sleep deprived, and lacking the proper nutrition to get through the day. That’s why information on all these various elements of daily life is crucial to make better choices. The team behind the BioRing is looking to help people do so in a tiny, unobtrusive package.

The BioRing is a simply designed, scratch-proof ring equipped with a 3-axis accelerometer, a bo-impedance sensor, and an optical heart rate sensor. The ring uses all of these sensors to track calorie, fat, and protein intake, stress levels, sleep status, heart rate, water levels, distance, and steps. The sensors by themselves aren’t enough to accurately track such a wide a range of factors, which is why the ring uses a proprietary algorithm to help make up for the gaps in technology, resulting in a margin of error of 14% for now, something the team expects to improve by the time of its expected delivery in November 2016.

he BioRing syncs up with a companion to deliver all this information, using it all to create personalized health plans and set up smart notifications to help users lead a better, healthier with less effort, especially since it boasts a seven-day battery and the option to charge it wirelessly. The $50,000 Indiegogo campaign is offering the BioRing for $249 and ends in July 2017.

Most connected wearables focus on just a single aspect of a person’s wellbeing: the WellBe is all about stress, the Swimmerix is all about swimming, ALEX is all about posture, and the Biometrix is all about running. This is usually done because spreading a product too thin doesn’t usually end up with the best results. While the BioRing is intriguing, especially because it recognizes its faults and makes up for it with a proprietary algorithm, relying on information outside of what the body is generating sounds like a recipe for inaccuracy — even the leading smartbands on the market are notoriously inaccurate.

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