Smart Home

Domomob has the power, uses electricity to create smart home

Home automation is the healthiest it has ever been, with new products and platforms being produced all the time with the help of crowdfunding platforms. Almost all of them  use wireless technology, and that can mean two minuses — a level of electromagnetic radiation that may (or may not) be dangerous and occasional lapses in reliability.

Domomob gets that, and has crafted a home automation solution that controls existing motorized components in the home using powerline communication (PLC) technology — essentially, networking via the electrical wiring in the home. Doing this eliminates all excess electromagnetic emissions without sacrificing versatility: users have the option to install accessories like indoor or outdoor cameras as well as outfit dumb products in the home with plugs that grant them smarts. Access to the home can be shared through an iOS, Android, or Windows app or through a web portal, with original installations working even in the event of an internet outage. Backers can grab their own miniserver and outfit it with any one accessory for $145, while successively more expensive reward tiers offer a choice of packages depending on need. All are slated to be delivered by December 2015. domomob is looking for $78,000 in funding by December 2015.

Domomob makes a valiant effort to differentiate itself in the home automation market by addressing an otherwise overlooked fact of life when it comes to the technology surrounding everyone, especially in the home. A missed opportunity comes in the form of not being able to interact with already existing IoT devices, making it along with every other system, an all-in kind of venture. Those who are willing to trade a bit of wireless risk for convenience can take a look at Linkio, pēq, and Oomi.

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