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HAZ automatic umbrella outsmarts the rain

Umbrellas: can’t live with them, can’t live without them — at least until they’re inevitably lost. Pretty much anyone can relate to the near-universal despair at having misplaced an umbrella despite knowing full well it will happen soon after its purchased.

Recent years have seen everything from thermuses to sneakers coming online through Bluetooth, and now the HAZ umbrella joins the fray. The umbrella features a one-button automatic open and close feature for ease of use while boasting a Bluetooth connection to communicate weather forecasts and the ability to send anti-loss alerts to an iOS or Android device.

Even with all these bells and whistles to avoid being lost, the creators have still installed a location tracking feature because the creators know it still will. Backers can plunk down $99 for one of six colors and can expect delivery by October 2015. The campaign is looking for $15,000 by September 3rd, 2015.

The Davek Alert Umbrella would take umbrage to HAZ’s claims of being the world’s first automatic smart umbrella, especially when the latter is pretty much the exact same product as the former — right down to the price. That said, the features included in both of the umbrellas make them excellent companions on a rainy day and make them well worth a purchase.

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Thanks, interesting! Also it needs its own little weather station (e.g. thermometer, barometer etc.) to give you a very accurate forecast based on your location

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