Lap the competition with the TUNE running system

People play the long game when they run, seeking to better themselves over time for races and marathons that may be a year or more out in addition to staying healthy.

Made up of a connected inner sole and a clip-on wearable device, the TUNE running system has a ground-level view of all the nuances of a user’s feet while active. It analyzes ground contact time, heel contact time, footstrike and cadence all in an effort to reduce total contact time.

The iOS/Android TUNE app combines this data in the user’s iOS or Android device with the help of the free TUNE app with a runner’s profile, made up of their availability to train along with personal goals, to create a customized training plan to augment a runner’s technique for success. The TUNE running system costs $235 and is expected to ship in December 2015. Kinematix, the company behind the product, is looking for $100,000 by August 30th, 2015.

TUNE is remarkably similar to the runRite system in that they are both wearables and that they both offer similar types of data. The one difference is the addition of the insole on the former which can make for more accurate measurements more helpful training suggestions. That’s debatable, though, as both serve up a vast quantity of information helpful to all serious runner. As such, these two systems are some of the best on the crowd funding circuit right now.

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