Connected Objects

DoodleVU connected mirror starts the day off with widgets

The biggest “screen” in most people’s lives isn’t a screen at all, but rather the mirror every morning is spent in front of to make sure a suit and tie combo is just right, or makeup is applied evenly. Nothing more is asked of a mirror because it does what it does simply, and well. AppSmith Studios is pushing the complacent home object further with its DoodleVU connected mirror.

DoodleVU is a Raspberyy Pi-based Wi-Fi mirror that displays widgets from its companion mobile or web app. For now, there is a small range of apps available, but the company claims that list will grow. Out of teh box, users can do things like display a Twitter feed, leave notes on the mirror for others, stay up to date on sports scores, and a few others.

Aesthetically, DoodleVU is available in black or white and sports an extremely simple shape that can fit pretty much any decor.  Each DoodleVU goes for $249 and is slated to ship November 2016 should its Kickstarter campaign be successful by June 22nd, 2016.

All things considered, DoodleVU is pretty simple. A limited range of functionality out of the box with a clean design makes it serviceable as a smart mirror, but no different from something like the SmartMirror. Unfortunatel, it doesn’t hold a candle to the Selfiemirror, which boasts an HD selfie camera, the capability for flash photography, HD video recording, and even 3rd party app integration and more — all cheaper than the DoodleVU.

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