Connected Objects

DoodleVU connected mirror starts the day off with widgets

The biggest “screen” in most people’s lives isn’t a screen at all, but rather the mirror every morning is spent in front of to make sure a suit and tie combo is just right, or makeup is applied evenly. Nothing more is asked of a mirror because it does what it does simply, and well. AppSmith Studios is pushing the complacent home object further with its DoodleVU connected mirror.

DoodleVU is a Raspberyy Pi-based Wi-Fi mirror that displays widgets from its companion mobile or web app. For now, there is a small range of apps available, but the company claims that list will grow. Out of teh box, users can do things like display a Twitter feed, leave notes on the mirror for others, stay up to date on sports scores, and a few others.

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The Selfiemirror lets you capture who’s the fairest of them all

From the looks of it, the selfie trend is here to stay. Everything from pop culture to technological trends have responded to the rapidly increasing demand for photos that are way too close to the face. A perpetual kissie face to humanity, the humble selfie will continue on.

The Selfiemirror is a next step in the natural evolution of the selfie, combining a mirrored display and HD camera to facilitate selfies with armless ease. The Selfiemirror photo app lets users select a number of frames and time delay and then snaps a picture, with the option of using the included physical Bluetooth Button instead. But that’s just the beginning.