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The Selfiemirror lets you capture who’s the fairest of them all

From the looks of it, the selfie trend is here to stay. Everything from pop culture to technological trends have responded to the rapidly increasing demand for photos that are way too close to the face. A perpetual kissie face to humanity, the humble selfie will continue on.

The Selfiemirror is a next step in the natural evolution of the selfie, combining a mirrored display and HD camera to facilitate selfies with armless ease. The Selfiemirror photo app lets users select a number of frames and time delay and then snaps a picture, with the option of using the included physical Bluetooth Button instead. But that’s just the beginning.

Accents Connected Objects

SmartMirror, SmartMirror on the wall tells you who’s the most informed of them all

Humans are a vain species, spending upwards of two weeks a year prettying themselves up in front of mirrors. The SmartMirror is looking to give people the option of making that time more informative and entertaining.

The 15 pound, 1920×1080 edge to edge LCD not only serves as a mirror but also serves up the time and date, calendar appointments, weather, news, Twitter mentions, sports scores, data from other connected products in the home, or even cat facts if the user is so inclined.  And with its embedded Raspberry Pi B+ and Wi-Fi connectivity, widget possibilities are limited only by what people end up developing for it.


Magic Mirror provides a full-length view on the go, won’t tell you Snow White’s whereabouts

Anyone who has owned a full-length mirror knows that, after experiencing the full view, it’s hard to go back. That is why traveling can sometimes be irritating because it’s impossible to bring that long mirror along.

To address this minor albeit vain issue, Magic Mirror has come up with a way to travel with mirror in tow. This product folds up into a lightweight package, but folds out to either provide a small makeup mirror or all the way out for a full length mirror. The outside comes in various fun colors. The unique folding design makes a couple of different configurations possible and, in most instances, the mirror can stand up on its own. For the full length, it comes with a strap at the top so it can easily be hung up wherever’s convenient.

While few would want to admit owning a Magic Mirror for fear of being accused of vanity, many could benefit from this product. It’s a clever way to stay looking cute while on the go. The campaign is marketing the product to music festival goers, which is a clever strategy considering the fact that summer is coming. For their own, backers must donate £28 (~$42). Magic Mirror is hoping to raise £7,500 (~$11,200) in funding with the help of Kickstarter.

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Earscanner checks where you hear for gunk

20140918073103-storyEars are a source of unparalleled mystery for those who refuse to regularly check up on them with a swab of a cotton bud every now and then. For those who don’t and for the rest who are just curious to see what’s going on in there, there’s the Earscanner. The product is created by combining two plastic molds and positioning a mirror inside, resulting in an angle that allows you to check the status of your ear with the aid of another mirror. Many of those who love using cotton swabs have been warned by their doctors to take it easy on the Q-Tips. Earscanner is a great option for those who have been invading their ear canals too much. Never again fear the dark recesses of your auditory canal for just $29, with delivery slated for late 2014.

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Peek-I offers a new angle on iPhone photography, privacy invasion

peekCreeping on other people is normal in this day and age of omnipotent cameras. Now, stalking just even easier with the Spy Cam Peek-I. This small device magnetically attaches to your device’s camera and acts as a periscope with a mirror that allows you to take photos at a 90 degree angle so your subject won’t know they’re being photographed. The campaign’s suggestions for possible discreet photographs is particularly unsettling, especially the image of some guy trying to look up a woman’s dress. One of these goes for $15 and two for $25 (“best solution for a couple” the tier says) with delivery in May 2014. Peek-I hopes to raise $1,000 in its 60-day Indiegogo campaign.