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EasyLock portable door lock helps you rest easy away from home

The Premise. Traveling can be great fun, but security is always a concern. When staying in cheaper rooms, hostels or bed and breakfasts it’s important to make sure that you’re always safe. These places don’t always have sufficient security measures in place for guests.

The Product. EasyLock is a portable lock that travels with you. It operates much like a traditional chain lock that lets the user open the door just enough to see who is knocking. To install, simply place the lock in between the closed door and doorjamb and it will stay in place on its own without glue, nails or screws. This British security device comes in pink and black.

The Pitch. EasyLock’s campaign video goes through the numerous ways that a room occupied by many previous guests may become insecure. While it does not show the actual lock, a later video features the EasyLock in use. The rest of the campaign discusses installation as well as the many places the EasyLock can be handy. This product’s creator explains that his grandchildren were the inspiration for his invention. EasyLock hopes to raise £10,000 in a month-long Indiegogo campaign.

The Perks. For only £17, backers can enjoy the ease and peace of mind provided by the EasyLock. Reward tiers climb up from there offering multiple locks or even an invitation to the super secret launch party for £2,500. The locks are estimated to ship from September to November 2014.

The Potential. Traveling safety is an excellent idea that has recently come into vogue. Before, safety on the road was limited to hotel room safes and luggage locks that the TSA removes anyway. Now, products like the EasyLock offer safety for the unsettled renter, college dorm student, small business owner and numerous others. For instance, NOVI is an entire app-managed security system that is completely portable, letting nomads remain safe wherever they go. Similarly, EasyLock provides an extra security measure that can only help those renting or in transit. Like a traditional chain lock, it is unclear how strong EasyLock actually is and, unfortunately, a good kick may be enough to disable it. However, this lock’s portability makes it unique and desirable in the safety market. 

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