Moment breaks the smartwatch mold with a wraparound digital touch display

editors-choiceThe Premise. The smartwatch arms race is on, with developers all over the world scrambling to one-up their competitors and come out with the first must-own wrist wearable.

The Product. Moment is a new kind of smartwatch, with full wrist wrap-around display and a battery life that lasts a whole month. The entirety of the Moment’s exterior is a touch-sensitive input device, allowing for a full keyboard to be displayed or data on any side of the surface. Incoming messages are displayed privately on the interior of the wrist to maximize comfort while minimizing any chances a snooper might have of being nosy. Moment is also modular, allowing new hardware to be installed into the device to offer features like GPS, inductive charging, and activity tracking.

The Pitch. Momentum Labs, creators of the Moment, offer a rather subdued and low-key introductory video to their product.  Giving a close look at how the super-thin device came to be, viewers see a few simple examples of how the Moment is used to send and receive messages, keep updated on game scores, and like any good watch, keep track of the time. The campaign also shows some basic screenshots of the device controlling cameras and PowerPoint presentations as well. Momentum Labs wants to raise $100,000 to complete prototyping and enter full production.

The Perks. The Moment Smartwatch will be available December 2014 in white on gold or black on silver for $174, with free charging cradle to all backers. For $188 there is an exclusive black-on-black color scheme, and at $189, developers can get their hands on the last batch of prototypes in order to begin developing apps for the Moment.

The Potential. As far as futuristic smartwatch design goes, Moment is at the top of its class. The nearly seamless wrap-around display with complete interaction looks stylish and sleek while also not sacrificing the economy of space on such a small device. The e-paper display looks bright and easy to read, but may limit some of the device’s functions on the application side. Those looking for a wide array of functions on the watch itself will probably want to look elsewhere, while those who want something that stands out more stylishly will take what the Moment has to offer.

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