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PocketScan lets you capture anything on a page with a quick swipe

The Premise. In order to really kill the desktop computer off once and for all, mobile devices need to be able to do everything their lumbering, clunky big brothers can handle. In recent years that’s come to include lightweight solutions for full keyboards and even printing.  The next hurdle to overcome is scanning.

The Product. PocketScan is a handheld device no bigger than a computer mouse that can be used to skim across any surface and immediately have it display on a tablet or computer. What’s better is that these scans can be instantly edited if text is detected in any language, and translation options are available for foreign documents as well. Because the device is hand-sized and requires movement, the PocketScan can even be used to scan very large items that would not normally fit inside of a scanner.

The Pitch. Dacuda, creator of the PocketScan, show off the versatility and simplicity of the device by showing consumers using it to scan menus, photos, business reports, and everything else including a set of lips! While the video glosses over a lot of the technical details in order to offer up a short and sweet video that captures the device’s wow factor, plenty of space is given in the campaign page to answer questions about connectivity, battery life, and more. Dacuda needs $50,000 to send PocketScan out into the market. Additionally, stretch goals are available making the device compatible with Android devices at $150,000, iPhones at $250,000, and adding a text to speech mode at $500,000.

The Perks. The PocketScan can be picked up for those that pledge at least $99, with scanning software included for Windows, Mac, and iPad. Developers can get a trio of scanners and access to both the SDK and API for $1,250. All rewards are due to ship out in December 2014.

The Potential. Crowdfunding has hosted a few innovative mobile scanners lately, including the robotic page-traversing  Pocket Printer and PPrintee. Putting scanning literally into the hands of users to do as they wish is a great idea, especially as a new way of sharing content while on the go. The light weight, compact design, and long battery life are great ways of making this device as convenient as possible, making PocketScan a great choice for business pros on the go or young artists who need to strike when inspiration hits them. This is a neat device just as a scanner, but the ability to get instant feedback while scanning and edit scans quickly make this a must-have.

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