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FlipFlic won’t leave you blinded by the light

It can be a major drag to face interruptions every time the window blinds need to be adjusted due to glare.

FlipFlic is a solar-powered, energy-saving device that adjusts window blinds based on sunlight, temperature or any schedule that is set via the accompanying app. An iOS app is already available and an Android version will follow soon. The automation device is easy to install. With one click, FlipFlic, which is about the size of a roll of quarters, attaches to window blinds magnetically.

The product integrates with Bluetooth Low Energy and ZigBee hubs. A version for vertical blinds has joined the previously-finalized model for horizontal blinds. A solar panel, installed indoors by sticking to window glass, harnesses the sunlight and powers FlipFlic. The product ships in January at $180 for two units. But early bird backers can get two for a pledge starting at $150 or one for a pledge starting at $60. Its makers are out to raise $50,000 by May 13.

The device is a handy one for any consumers with vertical or horizontal window blinds. Those who don’t want to use the solar panel or select a configuration that doesn’t include it will have to recharge FlipFlac about once every 30 days of average use. The device has a leg up on the similar EZ Wand that doesn’t feature smartphone interaction. But the similar Tilt My Blinds offers pretty much whatever FlipFlic offers, along with an additional TV plug add-on that instantly reduces glare when the boob tube is turned on.


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