FlyShark 2 folding keyboard offers big returns (and backspaces and tabs)

There are tons of Bluetooth keyboards, a few folding Bluetooth keyboards, and even a crowdfunded folding Bluetooth keyboard. But almost none of them fit in a pocket just like a smartphone does.

However, the original FlyShark keyboard (also known as the iLepo) broke that barrier with a minimalist, affordable four-line keyboard that offered a quality typing experience. After dabbling in smartwatches, the company has come back to Kickstarter with a new FlyShark keyboard that makes addresses a few issues with the original. The company has made the device a bit thinner, strengthened the hinge and given it a bit more traction to stay put on surfaces. The company also promises a more responsive typing experience.

It’s also upgraded the version of Bluetooth it uses to 4.2, which gives the keyboard up to a year of standby time.  Finally, taking on a feature that’s been available in some competitors, the FlyShark 2 will turn on and off as it is unfolded and folded again . The product is available in six colors and in a number of limited tiers at $39 and $49.  Its developers seek $30,000 by October 24th.

The FlyShark 2’s improvements aren’t radical, but are welcome particularly coming so soon after the original.  Even given its class-leading dimensions, it’s asking a lot to carry along an extra device particularly when the FlyShark — unlike some competitors — doesn’t provide a way to prop up the phone. Still, for $50, it provides a convenient way to tap out a longer e-mail or report on the go without bringing along a bag.

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