Folding, kneeling Edge Desk embraces the cutting edge of ergonomics anywhere

More than 6070% of people will experience some form of light to severe back pain in their lives, brought on by many screens used in daily life along with poor seating solutions. This adds up to uncomfortable days, lost time at work, and possible complications later in life.

The importance of proper posture is what led the team to combine the idea of a kneeling chair and desk to create the Edge Desk. When folded down, it’s less than six inches tall for maximum stowage. The real magic happens when it’s unfolded, though. Its single-piece aluminum construction features a minimally styled, white desktop with thick, padded seating designed in a such way to promote optimal posture and help concentration.

In addition, it boasts five different height settings and eight different tilt settings to accommodate a wide variety of body types, from those as small as 4’7″/89 pounds to 6’3″/315 pounds. All this together makes it easy to set up anywhere, from the local cafe to a cramped dorm room. An Edge Desk can be had for $299 and is expected to ship in October 2015. Its Kickstarter campaign is looking to raise $165,000 by April 23rd, 2016.

Alas, the size and weight of the Edge Desk makes it a conscious decision to transport. However, it’s a relevant solution to the problem of finding the place to get real work done comfortably. Other solutions like the Stance Desk, ReadyDesk, and Zestdesk all fight the negatives of sitting around all day with standing solutions. While the Edge Desk primarily uses its posture positive sitting position instead, there’s no mention of a standing mode — although it wouldn’t be surprising if there was one. Accessories designed for the Edge Desk are something to look out for in the pipeline.

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