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The FORM Lifting smart device ensures you grit for those gains

For those fanatical about weightlifting, it’s a good time to be alive. Choice abounds: programs like CrossFit give people the space to safely practice, compete and see results among peers while those looking to save cash can brush up on the fundamentals of lifting or learn more of its advanced points with a few searches on YouTube.

No matter which camp someone might find themselves, one difficulty when training is generating metrics that can help improve future performance. Scott Mahr’s FORM Lifting system looks to help in this regard. It consists of a collar that replaces the clamp usually used to keep a barbell’s weights steady and a companion app. The collar features seven integrated sensors that measure the force applied at 200 times per second along with bar speed. From the results, the system can derive important metrics like hip drive, speed under the bar and the max force generated — all key to performing lifting techniques well enough to help improve.

All of the data generated can be reviewed on the FORM Lifting app using the collar’s Bluetooth Low-Energy connectivity. In addition, users can share their stats to social media channels and compete in digital leaderboards with friends while coaches can monitor their athletes for overtraining and potential injury. Each FORM Lifting smart device is $199 and is expected to ship in September 2016. The Kickstarter campaign is looking for $100,000 by March 5th, 2016.

While those serious about tracking lifting efficacy have the choice of using the TENDO Unit, it’s extremely limited in its connectivity and bulky considering the type of data it generates compared to the FORM Lifting device. As such, this is a nascent niche the previously covered Oli fitness tracker failed to address — and one that FORM Lifting seems to have figured out.

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