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The FORM Lifting smart device ensures you grit for those gains

For those fanatical about weightlifting, it’s a good time to be alive. Choice abounds: programs like CrossFit give people the space to safely practice, compete and see results among peers while those looking to save cash can brush up on the fundamentals of lifting or learn more of its advanced points with a few searches on YouTube.

No matter which camp someone might find themselves, one difficulty when training is generating metrics that can help improve future performance. Scott Mahr’s FORM Lifting system looks to help in this regard.

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Gym Handle Attachment offers cleaner workout option

Working out is one of the best stress management techniques out there. But the gym is not necessarily the cleanest place when one considers the sweat and other body fluids floating around.

The Gym Handle Attachment allows the user to keep their germs to themselves, and potentially escape contact with others. The product has a steel attachment ring and a comfort grip handle which is presumably rubber, though that is not stated. It attaches to weight machines, replaces the other attachments they usually provide.

It’s not entirely clear how convenient it is to tote a gym handle attachment around when there is portable hand sanitizer out there that seems much more practical, but the handle does appear as though it may be a quality product. Backers concerned about making sure hands are as clean and germ-free as possible might want to check out the SaniTimer and Nailbon E. This campaign seeks to raise $10,000 on Kickstarter. Backers get one product for $100 with an expected delivery of July 2015.

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TITIN shorts weigh you down to give muscles and joints a compression hug

TITINMost workouts are centered around the idea that muscles must tear in order to become strengthened. This can be hard on the joints and making muscle training long and tedious. TITIN offers muscle tear-free workouts with its weighted shorts, which will join their already successful weighted shirt. The black, sweat-wicking shorts protect the muscles and joints while working out so that they can become stronger. One pair of TITIN shorts costs jacked backers $99 with expected delivery in September 2014. TITIN hopes to raise $100,000 in its 30-day Kickstarter campaign, but should really have a stretch goal after its workout.