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Forget boring 2-in-1s: the DRONOID 3-in-1 drone is where it’s at

Playing with technology is a fantastic way to encourage kids to learn. Most of the time, though, these educational opportunities keep children indoors, marring otherwise positive development within the confines of a small classroom.

No one said the wonders of technology and the great outdoors are mutually exclusive. In fact, the team behind the DRONOID modular drone is trying to make the case with its newest creation. The modular drone can be converted into three separate vehicles: a rover with large wheels to quickly cover distance, a tread-equipped tank that can cover all kinds of difficult terrain and, of course, a flying drone to take awesome photos with using an optional HD camera attachment.

With so much choice, kids are more likely to stay out longer playing with their creation. The customization doesn’t stop there, either: a wide range of bodies and faceplates are available in different colors to let imagination run wild. Interested kids (or adults!) can grab a $149 package with all three colored bodies available plus each of the three kits needed to change the DRONOID into whatever is desired, due to ship in December 2016. Its flexible Indiegogo campaign is looking for $50,000 by July 29th, 2016.

The DRONOID is an interesting concept with a imaginative twist. Both kids and adults will loves its flexibility and inexpensiveness, making it unique in a world full of crowdfunded drones. Still, it’s hard to see the lack of one button transformation — a la Transformers — as anything but a huge oversight. Perhaps in future versions?

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