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The Nico360’s tiny frame streams everything around you

From action sports to brand activations, there is really nowhere 360° doesn’t work. It’s enjoyable, effective, and adds a new dimension to family outings, sporting events, and a bunch other gatherings and get together. And while the equipment needed to produce quality 360° footage is shrinking, there’s always the possibility for even smaller form factors.

Jim Huang out of Hong Kong is chasing the very smallest form factor with the Nico360, a square-shaped camera that packs a lot into its tiny size. Its crowning achievement is a 32MP sensor that allows for 1440p WQHD 360° video recording that, combined with a 5G Wi-Fi radio, allows users to live stream 360° video. The software within the Nico360 automatically stabilizes and stitches footage together for the very best quality, while 32GB of internal storage and a microSD card slot gives users lots of room to save their masterpieces. The Nico360 works with iOS, Android, and Windows and is available to backers for $99. The flexible Indiegogo campaign is looking for $50,000 by August 2016 to see success.

A recent 360° video-enabler is the EYSE live streaming VR device. It, like the Nico360, can be used to stream 360° video for immersive experiences but is designed for versatility versus size. While the Nico360 comes with standard mounts for tripods and possibly even drones, the EYSE is tailor-made to generate the best immersive experiences possible. That makes the Nico360 more of a casual product — but not any less worth using.

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