Personal Transportation

Freedom trike gives makes you free to ride along with or without battery

To cut down the commute, or at least make it easier or more fun, people are always on the lookout for anything that will help. Segways-inspired hoverboards, foldable bikes, and motorized scooter have all vied for attention on multiple crowdfunding platforms but have yet to really make the sort of impact they want.

Add Freedom by TRIKKE to the mix, a foldable trike that can be used with or without its direct drive, brushless motor. Without the motor, TRIKKE claims Freedom to be an intense cardio and strength workout. With it, though, Freedom can reach a max speed of 11mph with a range of 11 miles.

And when the battery does run out of juice, it’s designed to be quickly swappable for ease of use. Freedom by TRIKKE starts at $599 and works its way up depending on when backers choose to support, due to be shipped in April 2016. The campaign is looking for $22,000 by December 12th, 2015.

Adult┬átrikes have been seen before, but the Freedom takes it from being strictly self-powered with the addition of the brushless motor and lithium-ion battery. It’ll be needed. Weighing at 37 lbs. makes it a beast of a transportation method. Even when folded, that’s quite the exercise regiment. Those looking for an alternative motorized transport solution that’s portable and a little more familiar can look to the A-Bike Electric.

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