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Go with the FLO using the NOM.AD Mobility Ecosystem carry solution

Note: The following is a sponsored post and does not necessarily reflect the editorial opinion of Backerajck. Backerjack contributor Nick Echevarria is part of the NOM.AD team.

Modern life is lived on the go, comprised of a broad range of daily experiences. For every changing moment, the urban nomad needs a carrying solution that keeps everything needed for the day comfortably in reach; rather than one that introduces more difficulties throughout the day. Founder Ryan Clott created NOM.AD because he saw a need for a solution versatile enough to keep up with a dynamic urban lifestyle.

The answer? The Mobility Ecosystem, a line of weatherproof luxury bags and cases that seamlessly work together to create a better, more personal carrying experience. To achieve this, they are connected by the FLO System, the defining feature of all NOM.AD products. Comprised of a precisely designed network of patented Swiss snaps, users can select five differently sized FLO Pouches and quickly attach or detach them to either NOM.AD bag for better, faster organization — all depending on the carrying needs of the moment. It’s a snap-and-go kind of experience.

The Mobility Ecosystem itself consists of two bags. The FLO Folio is a multi-functional laptop case enhanced with the FLO System on its exterior. It features a padded compartment for a 15” laptop, two slip pockets with leather tabs to secure documents or a tablet, and retractable handles to slide into other bags and organize them better. On the other hand, the FLO Brief is a modern briefcase with the FLO System inside. It features a padded compartment that fits a 13” laptop, interior slip pockets for documents or a tablet, and an exterior zipper pocket for quick access to essentials. A trolley sleeve for a suitcase along with a removable, adjustable shoulder strap to round it out.

Everything is crafted in Ubrique, Spain, home of some of the finest leather tradition in the world, both recognized and used by iconic European fashion houses. Locally-sourced vegetable tanned Spanish leather and European hardware were sourced for sustainably made, long-lasting products that will last a lifetime — and look better while doing it. Reward tiers offer the FLO Folio or Brief and either two or all five FLO Pouches, with prices ranging from $449 to $749—saving backers at least $1,000 no matter the tier. Backers should expect rewards to ship in April 2016 should the NOM.AD Kickstarter raise $20,000 by January 12th, 2015.

While similar campaigns like the Aer, Everyday Messenger and Minaal all promise better mobility, none combine smart design and lush material quite like NOM.AD’s FLO family of products. The beautiful shapes and lines are rugged and durable, too — good on the go. In addition, the FLO System’s modularity lends itself to better organizing essentials. All this while being a feature open to more innovative FLO Pouches down the road, like a wireless smartphone charger or a GPS-containing pouch to never lose keys. With this kind of design foresight, the NOM.AD Mobility Ecosystem will keep up with the urban nomad wherever they may be, now or in the future.

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