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GoBones remedy bored pooches and sorry owners

Ask any dog owner: Having to leave their pooch behind to go to work every morning is a heartbreaking moment. Making it worse is knowing their furry friend have to endure being alone for hours at a time, forcing them to entertain themselves. What if there was a way to alleviate that guilt while giving dogs the stimulation they require?

patent-claimedThe rugged GoBone, a connected dog toy, is the perfect solution. Owners simply pour some treats inside as motivation and tap it afterwards. This prompts it to autonomously play with their dogs for up to eight hours at a time, going to sleep when it detects it being played with and re-engaging when it’s not. The patent-pending software within adapts the GoBone’s play based on breed, weight, age, and other variables to ensure constant variety.

The GoBone’s mobile app allows guilt-ridden owners to remotely control the device and play with their pets when they’re stuck at work, or use it when home to play games like hide-and-seek and fetch. The app can also record video of these memorable moments to share with family and friends, because who wouldn’t want a video a cheerful puppy at play?  $169 unburdens dog owners of their sadness by December 2016. PulsePet, the company behind GoBone, is looking for $60,000 by July 1st, 2016.

The GoBone is one of the more interesting connected pet devices out there because instead of simply keeping track of pet or feeding it autonomously, it creates a genuine element of play for lonely pets, augmented by an algorithm that generates variety and spontaneity. Its long battery life is also a huge plus, but PulsePet missed the opportunity to add a microphone, something that should be in the works should version two ever be made.

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