Brian measuring jug deciphers the ancient language of “recipes”

It’s the cold, hard truth: You either know how to cook or you don’t. For those in the latter camp, that realization is a tough pill to swallow, especially because it’s hard to make anything edible to swallow it with.

patent-claimedThe biggest problem with most non-cooks is their ignorance of ratios and measurements. Cooking is a science, after all, and the right proportion of ingredients makes all the difference. La Fabrique à Innovations helps kitchen kiddies take all the guesswork out of this particular piddle with Brian, a three-liter mixing bowl with a built-in slot for colorful recipe rulers. Each recipe ruler not only lists the ingredients necessary for a recipe but also the amount of each ingredient needed, making the process of cooking no more difficult than pouring water in a cup. .The bowl is heat resistant, freezer safe, dishwasher friendly, and contains no electronic parts, so don’t expect a companion app with this one. Backers can grab their very own Brian for about $23 to be shipped March 2017 should its Kickstarter campaign raise about $28,000 by June 30th, 2016.

The elegance of Brian is its simplicity. No electronics, no convoluted apps to figure out, no smart home integration: just the aim of cooking something yummy — the complete opposite of something like the June smart oven. It may not matter much, though: As admirable as our plucky French friends are when it comes to home cooking, it seems like no one in the US is cooking anymore.

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