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Track your feelings and tap to pay all with Zenta, the smart emotion-tracking wearable

patent-claimedTowards the end of every presidency, before and after photos of the president in question make the rounds and show the toll eight years of high-level stress takes on the body, a sobering reminder of its prevalence in daily life. Left unmanaged, stress can wreak havoc on a person’s long-term health and well-being, but unfortunately isn’t generally handled well in modern society.

The Zenta follows a long line of crowdfunded, mindfulness-centered wearable focused on stress management and emotional well-being, but does so in a far more holistic way. For starters, it’s ceramic and leather construction makes it a fashion accessory anyone could wear comfortably. Inside, Zenta houses a wide range of technology: A Bluetooth radio for connectivity, microphone, temperature sensor, biometric optical sensor, 3-axis accelerometer, and a vibration motor along with multiple capacitive proximity sensors. All together, this allows Zenta to focus on effective management of smartphone notifications, activity tracking, and sleep monitoring.

If Zenta were only capable of generating this data, it would be no different from devices like the FitBit. What sets it apart is what it does with that data: By combining the data with analysis from its iOS/Android app along with subjective inputs from the user, Zenta is able to build an emotional profile over time and inform users of their emotional states with a machine learning algorithm, using that information to better manage notifications, offer suggestions on how to tackle the day, and even encourage interactive exercises focused on wellness.

In addition, the device functions as a contactless payment device, a fertility tracker, and even an interface with which to other connected devices like smart light bulbs, not only making it an effective wellbeing assistant but also a capable connected device. A single Zenta Sport with silicon band goes for $149 and the leather strapped version in black or white goes for $179.

The Zenta is certainly a fully featured offering boasting sleek design and a lot of functionality. The team at VINAYA is influenced by a more holistic approach while still incorporating technologies like connected device control. Usually, these sorts of products focus solely on the user (like the WellBe or Olive) and shy away from being spread too thin. With the Zenta built to be as unobtrusive as possible, it doesn’t seem like that will be a problem. Still, only time will tell if that’s the case or if VINAYA’s vision of a more integrated device that can truly be helpful in tackling the emotional challenges of modern, everyday life will be successful.

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