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Track your feelings and tap to pay all with Zenta, the smart emotion-tracking wearable

patent-claimedTowards the end of every presidency, before and after photos of the president in question make the rounds and show the toll eight years of high-level stress takes on the body, a sobering reminder of its prevalence in daily life. Left unmanaged, stress can wreak havoc on a person’s long-term health and well-being, but unfortunately isn’t generally handled well in modern society.

The Zenta follows a long line of crowdfunded, mindfulness-centered wearable focused on stress management and emotional well-being, but does so in a far more holistic way. For starters, it’s ceramic and leather construction makes it a fashion accessory anyone could wear comfortably. Inside, Zenta houses a wide range of technology: A Bluetooth radio for connectivity, microphone, temperature sensor, biometric optical sensor, 3-axis accelerometer, and a vibration motor along with multiple capacitive proximity sensors. All together, this allows Zenta to focus on effective management of smartphone notifications, activity tracking, and sleep monitoring.

Health and Wellness Wearables

WellBe bracelet detects your stress, helps all be well again

For many people, stress is a debilitating part of life, its negative impacts contributing to health problems as varied as headaches and fatigue to more serious ailments like heart disease and obesity. And since stress is everywhere, it’s difficult to address for many.

patent-claimedWith the WellBe digital stress therapy bracelet on the wrist, stress need not be this, well, stressful. WellBe helps using a combination of heart rate monitor and mobile app to determine a wearer’s stress levels over time based on three factors: time, location, and people. By constantly gathering this data, WellBe offers personalized playlists of exercises and classes guided by WellBe mentors to help control stress levels, displaying how each activity affects stress levels in the long-term.