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The CHiP is a dedicated cookie oven for sweet teeth

Cookie: Merely saying or writing the word instantly conjures up pleasing thoughts of chewy goodness. One can never go wrong with set of freshly baked cookies, which is why the team behind the CHiP wants to bring it to kitchens everywhere.

The CHiP smart cookie oven does one thing and one thing well: Perfectly bake cookies in under 10 minutes. It does this with its QuickConvect Air Flow System that uses a four-inch convection fan to blow hot air through special air channels, not only ensuring the tastiest cookies but also energy efficiency in baking them. Now by itself, this would make the CHiP no better than a standard oven, especially since it only can bake cookies. But combined with its companion app, users can set various baking modes sporting varying schedules and, more crucially, order ‘cookie pods’ similar to the coffee capsules used by products from companies like Nespresso.


Brian measuring jug deciphers the ancient language of “recipes”

It’s the cold, hard truth: You either know how to cook or you don’t. For those in the latter camp, that realization is a tough pill to swallow, especially because it’s hard to make anything edible to swallow it with.

patent-claimedThe biggest problem with most non-cooks is their ignorance of ratios and measurements. Cooking is a science, after all, and the right proportion of ingredients makes all the difference. La Fabrique à Innovations helps kitchen kiddies take all the guesswork out of this particular piddle with Brian, a three-liter mixing bowl with a built-in slot for colorful recipe rulers. Each recipe ruler not only lists the ingredients necessary for a recipe but also the amount of each ingredient needed, making the process of cooking no more difficult than pouring water in a cup. .

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A rising TempehSure means you have a fever for freshly baked protein

The biggest challenge for most vegetarians, vegans, or just anyone wanting to cut down on meat is trying to find a suitable replacement for animal-based protein. Tempeh is an unprocessed, fermented plant-based protein that has enjoyed status as a staple food in Indonesia for centuries, and for good reason: every four ounces of tempeh packs 18-20 grams of plant-based protein. In other words, a lot more than many other non-meat sources.

Tempeh isn’t exactly the easiest to make, though, making the TempehSure Protein Pod an attractive option for alternative eaters. The toaster oven-like device is a dual-stage incubator and pasteurizer that creates tempeh from soy or any other legume over the course of a 24-hour process. Users need only to prep the legumes, add the packed-in starter culture, place the mixture inside the TempehSure, and press one button to start the process of creating tasty tempeh.

Connected Objects Cooking

June smart oven cooks for you all months of the year

Cooking at home can be the ticket to lower dining costs and better health metrics, but many people have a limited culinary repertoire and sometimes even less skill. Indeed, cooling remains one of the few arts that can help sustain us or at least allow us to better enjoy  a critical component of life.

June is a countertop convection oven that can cook a wide range of foods via a number of techniques. including roasting, toasting and broiling.Among the tech components that differentiate it from similar looking devices are a 5″ touchscreen on its front and a n HD camera that can relay video to a smartphone, providing easy answers to the perennial question, “What’s cooking?” Its smartphone app can also show the progress of a cooking task graphically.