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June smart oven cooks for you all months of the year

Cooking at home can be the ticket to lower dining costs and better health metrics, but many people have a limited culinary repertoire and sometimes even less skill. Indeed, cooling remains one of the few arts that can help sustain us or at least allow us to better enjoy  a critical component of life.

June is a countertop convection oven that can cook a wide range of foods via a number of techniques. including roasting, toasting and broiling.Among the tech components that differentiate it from similar looking devices are a 5″ touchscreen on its front and a n HD camera that can relay video to a smartphone, providing easy answers to the perennial question, “What’s cooking?” Its smartphone app can also show the progress of a cooking task graphically.

With the camera and digital scale,. June can recognize a number of different food items and prepare them expertly. The company plans to tap into crowdsourcing data as more June ovens are being used to recognize more foods. Still, this food recognition can require a lot of computing horsepower and so the June includes an NVIDIA K1 processor that’s more powerful than what’s in most smartphones or tablets. June is expected before its namesake month next spring for a price of $1,495 and requires $100 up front as a reservation fee.

A number of recent projects have focused on maintaining an ample supply of ingredients and even whipping together recipes for what you have lying around, but June represents an important step forward in terms of taking food preparation to the next level.  As the technology improves and becomes more affordable, it can do for cooking what the point-and-shoot camera did for photography, provide great results with a minimum of fuss across many different situation.

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