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A rising TempehSure means you have a fever for freshly baked protein

The biggest challenge for most vegetarians, vegans, or just anyone wanting to cut down on meat is trying to find a suitable replacement for animal-based protein. Tempeh is an unprocessed, fermented plant-based protein that has enjoyed status as a staple food in Indonesia for centuries, and for good reason: every fourĀ ounces of tempeh packs 18-20 grams of plant-based protein. In other words, a lot more than many other non-meat sources.

Tempeh isn’t exactly the easiest to make, though, making the TempehSure Protein Pod an attractive option for alternative eaters. The toaster oven-like device is a dual-stage incubator and pasteurizer that creates tempeh from soy or any other legume over the course of a 24-hour process. Users need only to prep the legumes, add the packed-in starter culture, place the mixture inside the TempehSure, and press one button to start the process of creating tasty tempeh.

And while the device’s companion app isn’t necessary, it does allow users to monitor current batches, have alarms, browse tempeh recipes, order more supplies, and consult user guides and support,making it pretty versatile. Each TempehSure Protein Pod is going for $429 now and is expected to ship October 2016. Its Kickstarter campaign is looking for $95,000 by April 9th, 2016.

Creating an easy to flow of animal-based protein is an important consideration for many and with the TempehSure Protein Pod, one less concern. While users can mix and match legumes and recipes to keep novelty high, at the endĀ of the day the device isn’t entirely versatile. Still, it gives people who need it the solution they need even if products like the June smart oven can cook up everything else.

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