Bimoz e-bike conversion kits gets your ride ready for more intense trips

The destructive potential of everyday actions is so obvious that it’s almost a crime not to do something — no matter how small — in order to reduce their effects. Besides the health benefits they proffer, riding bikes has long been touted as an eco-friendly alternative to gas-guzzling cars and trucks.

Sometimes, though, the distances or terrain involved can be too difficult to overcome on a daily basis. This is what the team behind Bimoz wants to help with. Riders can use the connected e-bike drive to make most any bike electric by the 250w motor inside of the middle hub, allowing it augment a ride for up to about 93 miles at a time.

While on the go, Bimoz also connects with a smartphone app to offer riders training features like cardio and terrain training, heart rate monitoring, and even social features like route sharing and friend location. And at the end of the day, the battery pack is removable so that riders can charge it back at home. The entire kit is going for $899, almost half off its eventual MSRP of $1699, and is slated to ship in August of 2016. The bimoz team is looking for $165,000 by April 25th, 2016 for success.

The add-e bike conversion kit is extremely similar to the bimoz in how much it weighs and how relatively simple it is to install compared to more involved products like the Fusion. But, since when it installed the add-e is subject to nature as opposed to how bimoz is safely within the frame of the bike, the add-e may be more prone to failure in the long run. With either, though, riders should get exactly what they need.

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