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GoBQ Grill uses fireproof fabric to tote grill around

Summertime is coming, which means grilling time is coming. There’s nothing like a dinner prepared on a grill. Not only is it delicious, but it also carries the added bonus of cooking outside. Most grills, however, are hefty and can’t easily be moved around.

patent-claimedThe GoBQ Grill is a different kind of grill. Not only does it burn charcoal and produce delicious food (according to its campaign), but it’s also completely portable. The grill itself can easily fold up into a duffel-like bag. Notably, the metal is flexible and the fabric of the bag is completely fireproof. The grill comes complete with a foldable stand so that you’re not stuck cooking on the ground.

The GoBQ Grill takes portable camping grills like Campfire in a Can and ups the ante. With the ultra convenience of portability and foldability, the GoBQ Grill makes camping all the more delicious, easy, and enticing. One will cost backers $120 for delivery in August. This product is looking to raise $30,000 in funding on Indiegogo by May 2.

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