GoCan Drainer makes fixing dinner less of a strainer

GoCan Drainer  70ad20a519fd2b41667e8cdd62cfdbd5_large[1]Getting out the colander to drain the water or juice off of veggies, tuna and fruits can seem like more of a hassle than it’s worth. GoCan Drainer offers a solution that separates food from liquid and minimizes the risk of losing half the contents to the sink. The plastic mini-strainer clips to the side of the can so your fruits and veggies can stop while the liquid goes. For $25, a backer gets them in three sizes, specially designed for a 5 ounce tuna can, as well as 15 and 27 ounce cans — a little pricey when it is possible to find small strainers for less, but having the strainers attach to the can might be useful at a picnic or other settings. Expected delivery is September 2014.

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