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Gravity Link offers magnetic pocket, will take your iPhone and lock it

Gravity Link 91e255aa08693af344c9207e3fe137b6_large[1]You won’t find any sign of Sandra Bullock or George Clooney here. But the concept for Gravity Link is combines a shirt pocket with magnetic force that allows you to lock your mobile in place so it doesn’t fall out of your pocket. You can also stick it to the outside of your pocket for hands free phone conversations, listening to your favorite songs on your music app, or recording your friends attempting to dance as a live band jams while you’re all hanging out at the local pub. Pop the iPhone in upside down to get easy access to Siri. Unfortunately, the Gravity Link is linked to its own shirt so it won’t work with yours unless you’re Audi-driving, sunglasses-wearing developer Coal Kolivas. For $50, backers get a T-shirt with the specialized pocket with an estimated delivery of May 2014. Higher reward tiers should net long-sleeve shirts and other apparel.

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