Greycork flat-packed furniture throws an Allen wrench in IKEA’s machine

The digital world is an endlessly fascinating place to spend time, but our physical forms must contend with places to sit and store stuff using conveyances known as furniture. And acquiring these items can often result in navigating items that are heavy, expensive or offer low-quality.

Seeking to put a cork in that frustrating process is Greycork, a Rhode Island-based company whose CEO learned his assembly chops working in a factory. The company extols the virtues of its sofa in its campaign video, noting its ash MDF construction, foam cushions, and tool-free (dis-)assembly that can be done within four minutes.

At least for the short term, it seems that the company will sell its wares directly. These include the sofa, side tables, chaise, coffee table and bookcases. Prices for these rewards vary but the sofa, for example, will be available for $450 wit a full living room set (with one each of the aforementioned) going for $1,000 and becoming fully available and shipped from its Massachusetts factory in January 2016. Greycork seeks $50,000 in its flexible funding campaign that closes September 19th.

Clearly, Greycork’s modern, airy style won’t be everyone’s cup of tea; the company doesn’t even offer much in the way of different fabrics at this point. But this is only a start. If the quality lives up to its claims, many a living room could soon be decked out in its flat-packed but easily assembled furnishings.

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