Halfbike offers full fun wth sequel combining jogging and biking

The original, foldable Halfbike introduced a standing tricycle design with pedals back in March 2014. Now, Kolelinia is back with the Halfbike II, a update to the the original Kickstarter success.

The Halfbike II’s design is largely the same, with Kolelinia opting to upgrade the original’s prototype-esque components to increase its aesthetic and functional appeal. A combination of laser-cut aluminium and impregnated plywood ups the Halfbike II’s durability, resulting in a 18 lb. frame that can support people with a height up to 6’4″ and weight of up to 200 lbs. As a result, its combination of jogging and riding make for a novel form of exercise that will no doubt turn heads. A Halfbike II will run $399, with an expected ship date of October 2015 should its campaign reach the $50,000 funding mark.

The bicycle is a design that will no doubt stand the test of time due to both its simplicity and versatility. As timeless as it is, it stil doesn’t mean it can’t be iterated upon. The Halfbike II makes a valiant effort and succeeds, adding a new dimension to a design that would otherwise be similar to the Me-Mover. A severe reduction in cost from the original Halfbike will ensure this version’s success.

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