Before The Backers: three charging solutions for sun, sea and wear

Before the Backers highlights up-and-coming products that haven’t yet made their crowdfunding debut.



Poseidon Portable Charger

The search for the perfect charging solution for the many smart devices that shamelessly die each and every day is one that never ends. Every product promises peace of mind, but turn out to do anything but.

The Poseidon charger is an attempt at a charging solution that provides a week’s worth of power in an extremely compact, waterproof, drop resistant form. It may be diminutive, but its ruggedness makes it a hardy companion for any USB-chargeable device whether on the job in the city or outdoors taking in the fresh air, especially considering the Poseidon charger can hold its own charge for up to a year. Dual USB ports allows multiple devices to connect as well, recharging most of them at least two times.

The Poseidon charger is available to pre-order now for $89.00.



Buckle Charger

The most common portable charging solutions now available also feature clunky form factors and snaking wires that end up making the charging a device on the go more of a hassle than it needs to be. Thankfully, the Buckle Charger takes a rarely considered part of most people’s attire — the belt buckle — and transforms it into the charger savior we all need.

Now, no worries: the charger is merely concealed within the belt, so taking it off to recharge an iPhone or Android phone won’t send pants falling to the ground. Instead, the 1,000mAh battery will give most phones a second wind, enough to make that important call or find that subway station.

While there seems to be only one type of belt that will be available, the as-yet-to-be-determined campaign isn’t finalized, leaving plenty of time for the inventors of the Buckle Charger to come up with more color and material options. Until then, look forward to spending up to $79 for a Buckle Charger in the near future.



Renewable energy and the portable devices people carry around all the time are most certainly a perfect fit for one another, especially considering outlets never want to be found when they’re most needed. However, the cost-prohibitive nature of the technology has made it all but impossible for most people to get their hands on it, making what should be a game-changer anything but at this point.

Solar+Snaps combines a reduced, simpler version of solar technology, the reuse of millions of broken solar cells leftover during solar panel production, and the recycling of plastics to create a modular solar charging system that snaps together easily and into any form. Part art, part utility, Solar+Snaps aims to reduce dependence on the grid and keep devices charged, all while encouraging sustainable thinking.

Solar+Snaps kits range from the basic 5V starter kit priced at $40 to the 100W starter kit priced at $180. No campaign host is determined yet, so keep an eye out for this promising piece of renewable tech.

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