Before The Backers: three charging solutions for sun, sea and wear

Before the Backers highlights up-and-coming products that haven’t yet made their crowdfunding debut.



Poseidon Portable Charger

The search for the perfect charging solution for the many smart devices that shamelessly die each and every day is one that never ends. Every product promises peace of mind, but turn out to do anything but.

The Poseidon charger is an attempt at a charging solution that provides a week’s worth of power in an extremely compact, waterproof, drop resistant form. It may be diminutive, but its ruggedness makes it a hardy companion for any USB-chargeable device whether on the job in the city or outdoors taking in the fresh air, especially considering the Poseidon charger can hold its own charge for up to a year. Dual USB ports allows multiple devices to connect as well, recharging most of them at least two times.

The Poseidon charger is available to pre-order now for $89.00.



Buckle Charger

The most common portable charging solutions now available also feature clunky form factors and snaking wires that end up making the charging a device on the go more of a hassle than it needs to be. Thankfully, the Buckle Charger takes a rarely considered part of most people’s attire — the belt buckle — and transforms it into the charger savior we all need.

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Buckle Charger helps your smartphone’s charge go to waist

Buckle ChargerWe’ve all had that awful moment when our phone dies and we’re stuck without a way to charge it. With Buckle Charger, the answer lies just above your crotch. This portable charger lives right on a belt buckle and can charge any Android phone, iPhone or Bluetooth headset. It’s subtlety, convenience and portability make this product extremely appealing, much like the Carbon Watch. One Buckle Charger costs buckled backers $49 at an early price or $59 regularly with choice of leather color and three connectors. This product needs to raise $100,000 with its hilarious 40-day Indiegogo campaign.