Winter Sports

Hillstrike Snowtrike shreds mountainsides, snow sport perceptions

The winter sports niche is brimming with clever hybrid equipment designed to embody the fun of classic activities like snowboarding and skiing while making it more accessible to a wider range of people. Crowdfunding campaigns have seen a few vie for backer’s support, but the recently launched campaign for the Hillstrike Snowtrike claims to have perfected the mountain bike/sled combination.

The Hillstrike Snowtrike retains the characteristics of carving untouched slopes by implementing two things: a parallelogram system that lets riders shift left and right, and a proprietary pedal system that offers better grip during more demanding riding or tricking.

The product’s high-grade welded aluminum frame features a ROCK SHOX front suspension system helps absorb small bumps or big hits alike, keeping the ride both safe and enjoyable. $2,390 gets backers their very own mountain hybrid by October 2016, with its Kickstarter looking for $64,000 by March 25th, 2016.

The Hillstrike Snowtrike’s design lends itself to a much easier time in learning to ride more traditional winter sports equipment like snowboards. Case in point: riders in its campaign video remarked how easy it was to do big tricks. (But the again, they were professional winter sports athletes, so there’s that.) The Hillstrike Snowtrike is extremely similar to the SNOGO Bike, with each employing similar designs for similar results — the difference being found in the latter’s much more accessible price.

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