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RecSmart social dash cam streams the good times as they roll

Dashboard cameras provide a pretty good way to capture what happens while driving a car –- especially if there is an accident and evidence is needed to provide proof of what happened.

RecSmart is a connected, social dash cam with built-in Wi-Fi and GPS that connects to the user’s smartphone and continuously records whatever happens during a drive and saves it onto the included 8-GB microSD card. It collects data including the vehicle’s position, speed and time –- all while shooting HD video and making it easy to share video and photos from the road with the user’s social networks.

RecSmart works in conjunction with an Android and iOS app. The device ships in May at about $220, but early bird Kickstarter backers can get one for a pledge starting at about $110. Its makers hope to raise $111,392 by March 20.

The product’s palm size is a good selling point along with its live streaming functionality. But there are just too many similar products from established companies as well as new entrants such as LyfeLens, to call recSmart a sure thing. An LCD accessory would be a nice option as well.

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